BÖWE dry cleaning machines

The history of BÖWE started 1945 with the foundation of the company by Max hler and Ferdinand Weber after the end of the Second World War. As a supplier for several companies they created the idea to develop dry cleaning machines. Five years later Böhler and Weber presented the first dry cleaning machine for garments. From that point a success story started and until today BÖWE delivers innovative and high quality machines to the market. Take your benefit from dry cleaning machines with more than 65 years experience.

Innovative ideas and the constant further development characterize the company and made it known throughout the world. Until today BÖWE supplies customers worldwide with high quality PERC and MultiSolvent© dry cleaning machines.

PremiumLine dry cleaning machines

Great Technology - Compact and Quiet
Your Building Says: It Should be Compact!
Your Conscience Says: It Should be Environmentally Friendly!
Your Demands Say: It Should be Reliable!

BÖWE’S PremiumLine is the answer for you!

When developing the PremiumLine we primarily had one issue in mind: the limited space in drycleaning shops. Both machines are available Slimline and Crossline therefore, these machines are available in the correct configuration for your shop. Just what you need for your shop a machine that will fit through your front door with the measurement now below 2.000 mm height.

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SI70 dry cleaning machines

SI70 - Professional Industrial Machines
Industrial Machines Work under the most Difficult Conditions BÖWE SI70 industrial machines have been extensively tried and tested worldwide under the most dif ficult conditions, e.g. with continuous use in a three shift operation. This obviously requires a high degree of reliability and durability, which BÖWE industrial machines of fer with their extremely rugged design, using high-quality material combined with perfected technology. Their wide scope of use ranges from fur degreasing for the leather industry via work-wear and gloves cleaning to carpets.

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InduLine dry cleaning machines

High-capacity drycleaning machine for industrial use
The strict market requirements for higher productivity, a more efficient usage of energy, a simpler handling, as well as a machine design which requires a lower amount of maintenance and is easier to service have considerably influenced
the new modular structure of the high-capacity drycleaning machine for industrial use.

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New range of industrial textile cleaning equipment LaundryLine. The strength of water, the strength of BÖWE LaundryLine.

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