SI70 - Professional Industrial Machines

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week - this Requires High Quality

Industrial Machines Work under the most Difficult Conditions
BÖWE SI70 industrial machines have been extensively tried and tested worldwide under the most difficult conditions, e.g. with continuous use in a three shift operation. This obviously requires a high degree of reliability and durability, which BÖWE industrial machines offer with their extremely rugged design, using high-quality material combined with perfected technology. Their wide scope of use ranges from fur degreasing for the leather industry via work-wear and gloves cleaning to carpets.

BÖWE SI70 Modular Machine Design Principle
Starting from the basic machine, the “o“ model, the “c“ and “i“ models can be built up by adding other components such as filter, still block or double still block.

The SI70 as a basic machine
This machine, with two tanks, is ideal for a multiple installation for connection to a central still. Up to three machines can be connected to one central still.

The SI70c
This complete machine, with three automated solvent tanks, still and eco filter, is used for normal garments and lightly soiled workwear.

The SI70i
This complete machine with three automated solvent tanks, high-capacity double still and integrated cage heating, is the industrial version for heavily soiled work wear and machine wipers.

The CS 3000 Computer Control
The well-proven BÖWE CS 3000 control with its clear text display can easily be operated, even by less experienced personnel. It provides fully automatic control of the complete drycleaning process, the maintenance and service programs, and has extensive management, process and maintenance information capabilities.

Perc Measuring System
The measuring system controls the residual solvent concentration. The loading door can only be opened when the solvent concentration has dropped to less than 2g/m3. It goes without saying that this corresponds to the directives of the 2nd BImSchV (German regulation).

High-Capacity Still
The separately selectable bottom and side heating of the still guarantees smooth distillation, even with large quantities of soiling. The water separator can be emptied directly into the still, and the overfill preventer avoids errors in operation. Residues are automatically pumped from still 1 to still 2. The c and i models are equipped with a fully automatic emission free still rake out system. With the solvent content reduced to the absolute minimum, the still residues are pumped in a closed system directly into a disposal barrel.

This multicycle activated carbon system can be connected to one or two drycleaning machines in a closed system. It reduces the residual solvent concentration in the drying air at the end of the cycle to less than 2g/m3. The computer controlled unit is constantly monitored: when the activated carbon is saturated, the unit automatically initiates the hot air desorption cycle and the adsorption air flow is switched to the second carbon bed, which is ready and waiting.

If you attach importance to environmental protection and cost effectiveness, the SPS controlled ACTIVA activated carbon unit is the solution. The solvent vapor that is usually lost with the exhaust air is adsorbed by means of carbon beds and is recovered almost completely during steam desorption. Through these solvent savings the ACTIVA can pay for itself within 1 year - and the environment is saved as well! The ACTIVA is available in several sizes and as a 1-bed- or 2-bed-unit.

Maintenance Made Easy
The solvent tanks of the machines have large maintenance openings with permanent seals, so that they can easily be cleaned. Since the stills have very large maintenance openings as well, they can also be cleaned easily. Openings at the rear of the cage housing and at the recovery section make maintenance a lot easier. The cage back plate is rinsed fully automatically at the beginning of each cycle. Thus, deposit of solvent-impregnated lint, that would increase the residual solvent concentration in the drying air, is prevented.