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InduLine - The Future is modular

High-capacity drycleaning machine for industrial use

Modular Design – Guarantees a custom-designed Operation
The strict market requirements for higher productivity, a more efficient usage of energy, a simpler handling, as well as a machine design which requires a lower amount of maintenance and is easier to service have considerably influenced the new modular structure of the high-capacity drycleaning machine for industrial use.


BÖWE Induline = Made for you
Generally, the InduLine is set up according to individual requirements and offers tailor-made solutions, e.g. for

  • industrial cleaning
  • fur and leather cleaners
  • textile service plants
  • textile finishers/-industry
  • carpet cleaners
  • laundry plants

Loading capacities from 100 up to 200 kg allow for selection of the optimum care process for each individual case, with free choice of solvents like perc, hydrocarbon and alternatives. Especially the automated loading and unloading
in which an operator is only rarely needed and the possibility to easily integrate the industrial drycleaning machine into new and already existing automations make use of the InduLine a commercial success.


SuperDry PDS+ and refrigeration technology
The optimized air flow of the recovery section of the drying system SuperDry PDS+ is used analogous to the PremiumLine series. In combination with the patented dynamic cage perforation in the shell of the cage and the perforation in the cage back plate an optimum diagonal flow of the drying air through the interior and the garments is reached also in the depth of the cage. Thus, the most modern and highestperformance BÖWE process technology is available also for industrial users. The rugged and capacity controlled refrigeration unit with two reciprocating compressors is located below the recovery section. This provides for a fast, costeffective and very low-noise drying process.


Automation by integration
The design and functionality of the machine make automated loading and unloading, as well as the integration of automation processes possible. They offer great savings potential in operation and handling. Thus, you are able to
increase the efficiency of your machine and the yield of the capital you have invested. During loading the cage can be turned for better filling. Via a conveyor belt, bag or container goods like e.g. furs, leather, carpets, gloves,  leaning cloth, industrial/outer garments or milling goods can be loaded fast and conveniently by just one operator. The loading door is automated and swivelmounted. It is driven and locked electromechanically via the machine
control. The loading door opening with a diameter of 1,000mm provides for an optimum accessibility, also with bulky and hard to handle goods like e.g. carpets.

For unloading the goods can be dumped on a conveyor belt for further processing. Thanks to the large pivot angle a complete emptying of the cage is guaranteed here as well.


High-performance control ConfoTronic IL
The ConfoTronic IL offers a variety of possibilities for individual adjustment to various industrial applications and guarantees a safe, efficient and variable operation of the machine. The software especially considers requirements
of automation of loading and unloading.


New tank geometry
The separate and vertical solvent tanks have got a completely new designed round top with an overflow at the crest. This avoids creation of condensation water. The tank unit can be supplemented by tank elements for an optimum adjustment to the application. Quantity and condition of the solvent can be checked anytime by 2 ea. large sight glasses per tank - at the bottom and at the top. An optimized bottom geometry allows for complete pumping off, as well as an excellent rinsing of the tanks, which practically avoids dirt deposit. The separate
solvent trough fulfils all regulations relevant to the environment.


Visco-elastic spring damper system
In order to reduce high dynamic forces during the extraction process down to a minimum, the cage unit is set up on a spring damper unit. This design reduces the dynamic force by about 85 - 90 %. 


Easy operation and maintenance
The large surface, easy to access lint filter at the cage unit and the fine lint filter additionally integrated in the drying unit prevent any dirt in the refrigeration unit or the recovery section. The maintenance points button trap and lint filter can easily be reached.