New BÖWE Comet at Quality Speedy Cleaners, UK

Quality Speedy Cleaners recently had to relocate following a fire at their premises in Belfast.

They took the opportunity to upgrade from the BÖWE P240 which had served them well for many years to the new BÖWE CometLine CP19.

The CometLine machine is a full 19 kg capacity machine with 3 tanks & 2 filters as well as a Slimsorba active carbon recovery unit, refrigerated solvent cooling and an automatic still rake out system, all in a package less than 1 metre wide.

Pictured is Claire, the branch manager, who is clearly happy to have a new BÖWE machine to work with.

National GLC conference in Nottingham 2014

The BOWE UK Team (Mr. Stephen Pick central in the picture) and German headquarter Sales Director (Mr. Alex Arrighi left in the Picture) recently participated to the National GLC conference in Nottingham England (23.02.2014).

This was a great occasion for them to meet up with our UK customers and introduce and update all on the BÖWE machinery range & technology that includes Perc & MultiSolvent dry cleaning machines and Laundry Solutions.